See What Makes Us Different

Our philosophy

Excellence without exception

This is our motto.  We love to perfect the details, raise the bar, and deliver work we are proud of.  And we are only satisfied when you, our customer, is completely delighted with our work.

Taking the pressure off you

Some of our customers already have a clearly defined brand, perfectly worded content, and beautiful images curated.  Others do not.  And that’s fine.  Because we are multi-disciplined, we can deliver whatever the project requires, freeing you up to do what you do best… running your business.

Some frequently asked questions, answered

Building your website

Price vs quality? You don't have to compromise

We have experienced low quality work and bad service from expensive agencies.  We have also seen extremely cheap but poor attention to detail from independent freelancers, who don’t return your calls when you need them.  Can you relate?  

We occupy the middle ground between agencies and independent freelancers.  Because we have low overheads (small staff, no offices) we can deliver incredible services at sensible prices.  And because we only take on very few projects at a time, you benefit from our responsive, personal service. 

We work in "4D"

Our website projects cover 4 phases:

  • Discovery:  where we learn your business objectives, your vision, values, and story
  • Design:  where we present you with our best ideas and together we iterate, then sign them off
  • Development:  where we get coding and show you our progress incrementally
  • Delivery:  where we do full cross-device testing and ready everything for launch day

WordPress and more

WordPress powers over 35% of the web, and due to its features, flexibility, and support network, it is our content management system of choice with which to build websites.  

However, if we believe the best solution for your needs is something else, we will happily work with alternatives such as Shopify and Squaresquare.

Communication done right

We provide each of our customers with a login to our 7MS client portal, which gives us a single place to collaborate, share designs, documents, images, and anything else.  No more hunting to find that forgotten email!

Template+custom approach​

We can accelerate design and development by leveraging proven templates as a starting point.  But we are by no means limited by them, as our decades of programming experience allows for infinite customisation and enhancement.

User experience and optimisation

Holistic approach

We understand that an outstanding user experience is the product of many components, not just a great design.  Interaction, navigation, find-ability, scan-ability, accessibility, testing, to name just a few.

This is why we take a holistic view of user experience, and offer a range of related services, so we have everything you need to delight your customers and see your success metrics soar.

User testing

We would highly recommend to any organisation who is serious about the web to invest in some user testing with representative users.  Even with a modest budget, great results can be achieved, yielding a significant return on investment.

We have experience running remote, unmoderated testing, and in-person, moderated testing with focus groups, and would love to discuss the merits of each with you.

Website hosting with us

Standing on shoulders of giants

Our hosting solutions are built on top of SiteGround, who consistently rank as a best global hosting provider, year-on-year.  Using our extensive experience with their servers, we have built tools which automate common tasks, eliminating the possibility of human error.  Clever, eh?!

Support ticket resolution

With our standard email support we aim for 24 hours resolution time.  With our prioritised email support you jump to the front of the queue, and we aim for 6 hours resolution time.  Of course, it may be addressed much quicker!

Payment and contracts

Payment instalments

For website development we will invoice you 3 times during the project: a 30% deposit will be required up front, followed by a 30% instalment once functionality and design has been agreed upon.  Then a final 40% balance payment once the site has been completed and tested.

Complete care plan flexibility

If you choose to take out one of our care plans, there is no fixed term commitment, meaning you can stop the plan at any time, as well as freely change to a different plan, from month to month.

About us

Background in UX​

Our founder and managing director has decades of experience in the field of user experience, including 2 US patents granted for innovations in the field.

UK-based workforce

We are based in the UK and do not outsource any of our work offshore.  Of course, if you need copy written in US English… we specialise, um, specialize in this too!

Our  sets us apart from the competition.